Governance & Constitution

The Constitution provides for the appointment of a Council, which performs a governance role and oversees the activities and performance of the APSF.
The current members of the APSF Council are:

  • Prof Bill Runciman: APSF President (Professor of Patient Safety, Centre for Population Research - University of South Australia; Visiting Professor - Macquarie University; Clinical Professor
  • Assoc Prof Matthew Thomas: APSF Chairman (Director, Westwood-Thomas Associates and adjunct Associate Professor, Central Queensland University)
  • Dr Peter Lee: APSF Vice-President
  • Dr Sue Johanson: ordinary member (Australasian College of Emergency Medicine)
  • Prof Robert Adams: ordinary member (Director of the Health Observatory in the Discipline of Medicine, University of Adelaide)
  • Dr Daniel Cehic: ordinary member (Consultant Cardiologist, Adelaide Cardiology)
  • Mr Peter Hibbert: ordinary member (Program Manager, AIHI, Macquarie University)
  • Prof Chris Baggoley: ordinary member

The APSF’s functions, activities, and governance are guided by a Constitution. The Constitution sets out the objects of the APSF of which there are 33 and they include:

  • Promoting and developing research and education in various branches of patient safety;
  • Promoting, organising and co-ordinating incident reporting and critical incident reporting studies;
  • To act as a clearing house for information relating to patient safety;
  • Promoting lectures and demonstrations in patient safety;
  • Inviting experts in patient safety issues, from within and outside of Australia, to speak on patient safety issues;
  • Assisting and promoting undergraduate and postgraduate students in the area of patient safety;
  • To enter into arrangements with other institutions that may be conducive to the APSF's objects; and
  • To design, develop, install, commission and maintain incident monitoring and reporting systems, and other products and services that support incident monitoring and reporting systems.