Professor William (Bill) Runciman


Bill has been President of the Australian Patient Safety Foundation since its inception in 1988, when, together with some colleagues, he conceptualised and implemented the Advanced Incident Management System (AIMS) in the form of a nation-wide paper-based anaesthesia incident monitoring project.


Ms Anita Deakin

Research Fellow

Anita is Research Fellow at the APSF. She has been working in incident monitoring and patient safety since 1999, initially for APSF, then for 7 years at Patient Safety International (now CSC), and returned to APSF in 2012. Beginning in 1999 as an AIMS classifier, she became the Senior Classification Officer and then moved into Client Services and Support, responsible for client training and manual development.

Mrs Rondi Cross


Rondi is APSF’s Accountant working on a part-time basis. She is a Chartered Accountant with over 25 years experience across a varied range of businesses and industries, and has had vast experience in the not-for-profit sector over the last 10 years. Rondi is responsible for overviewing the finances of APSF, including negotiating contracts with clients, employment contracts for staff, GST commitments and preparation of the annual financial report.

Mr Peter Hibbert


Peter has extensive experience in the patient safety field and his work dovetails into the studies undertaken by APSF. He is the Program Manager, AIHI, Faculty of Medicine at Macquarie University, having started his health career as a physiotherapist for 12 years.


Dr Tim Schultz


Dr Tim Schultz is a research fellow and postgraduate coordinator in the School of Nursing (University of Adelaide). He is an experienced systematic reviewer and researcher in health services and patient safety. He is an accomplished postgraduate supervisor (16 HDR completions, 4 current HDR students) with recent relevant research experience in multidisciplinary collaboratives in nursing, medicine and allied health.