APSF in the beginning

The Australian Patient Safety Foundation Inc. (APSF) is a non-profit independent organisation dedicated to advancing patient safety. It is guided by a Constitution and governed by a Council.

Long term Council President Professor Bill Runciman was instrumental in setting up the APSF. APSF receives no ongoing Government support but is funded through consultancies, research grants and memberships.

The APSF has provided leadership in the reduction of harm to patients in all healthcare environments since 1988.

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, the APSF works with Commonwealth and State governments, researchers, professional organisations, Colleges, other universities, healthcare professionals and consumers at the national and international level to improve outcomes for patients.


The Advanced Incident Management System

The APSF developed the AIMSTM (Advanced Incident Management System) software to collect and analyse detailed information about healthcare incidents using a classification based on our understanding of healthcare associated harm and the things that can go wrong in healthcare.

The information gained from AIMS has enabled APSF to continue to work on patient safety classifications, and has been an important contributor to the World Health Organisation - Patient Safety project to develop an International Classification for Patient Safety (ICPS).

2006 - 2016


Other core activities of the APSF include: research and consultancies around patient safety; collaborations for translating evidence into practice; education and training of healthcare professionals in patient safety; organising, promoting and co-ordinating incident reporting studies and promoting lectures and symposia.

The APSF collaborates with the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists to provide a radiology and medical imaging incident reporting system - the Radiology Events Register (RaER) – as well as with the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine and their Emergency Medicine Event Register (EMER) with the aim to improve safety and quality through developing a culture of learning from patient safety incidents.


Moving to SAHMRI

Now located at SAHMRI within the Centre for Population Health Research - University of South Australia. It still maintains strong links with local, national and international healthcare organisations.